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MMA Seminar

UFC Star Myles Jury FREE MMA Seminar

Monday, April 18, 2016 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Tony Rose Arena
6 Northman Way
Orangeville, ON
L9W 3B2

Monday April 18 2016 at Tony Rose arena (upstairs)6:30-8:30pm FREE MMA Seminar taught by UFC star Myles Jury. This event is in conjunction with the FREE Youth MMA program (for boys & girls ages 12-18) run by Fitness Kickboxing Canada in conjunction with the Town of Orangeville. Registration with OGA $35/year is required

Ross O'Donnell 519-942-1625
Town of Orangeville Lisa Headley 519-940-4131 Ext:4131

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Alberta MMA

Thank you to Myles Jury and all who attended the SOLD OUT Summit in Edmonton and Calgary

MMA summit Toronto
Thank you to Myles Jury and all who attended the SOLD OUT Summit in Toronto

UFC Fan Expo
July 5 & 6, 2014
Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV.
Fitness Kickboxing Canada Seminars
Saturday, July 5 and Sunday, July 6
11:45am - 12:45pm
Training & Development Area

Are you a UFC fan who would like to take part in a fan friendly training session? All participants will receive a FREE pair of hand wraps, provided by Fitness Kickboxing Canada, and taught how to properly wrap. This entry level seminar will teach footwork, stance, and basic MMA striking techniques such as elbows and knee strikes. The training format will be suitable for all ages and fitness levels with no experience necessary. Proper technique for the hugely popular "Superman" punch will also be demonstrated and YOU the fan will have a chance try all techniques.

The session will be taught by Ross O'Donnell, a Canadian professional MMA Coach and Personal Trainer. O'Donnell has taught at MMA training seminars with such notable coaches as Greg Jackson and Firas Zahabi as well as UFC fighters Anthony Pettis, Rory McDonald, Clay Guida, Myles Jury, and Nate Marquardt.

This seminar is free and is open on a first come first serve basis.


Thank you to Myles Jury and all who attended the SOLD OUT seminars in Buffalo and Orangeville, WOW, what a weekend of MMA education..
Special thanks to "Showdown Joe" Ferraro, host of UFC Central for taking time to attend and provide the group with his insight on MMA.
Also thanks to Brigitte Truong and Fight Now TV for attending and shooting a segment for thier TV show.

Thank you to our partners canfitpro and the dedicated sttendees who took part in an epic day of training. Special thanks to Myles Jury, Firas Zahabi, Greg Jackson and Joe ferraro for their contributions to a tremendous day of MMA education.

Thank you to Myles "Fury" Jury for a fabulous seminar. Also thanks to Myles and the seminar participants who took part in the taping of our next episode of
MMA Hot Seat TV show featured on Rogers TV.

Thank you to Myles "Fury" Jury & Firas Zahabi for an tremendous MMA educational experience and to the energetic group of dedicated participants who took part in the training weekend...exhausting but rewarding!

Myles Jury

Thank you to Myles "Fury" Jury for an awesome day of Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu technical skill development and to all those who generously donated to the Dufferin Child & Family Services at the seminar and at our UFC153 party at Boston Pizza Orangville.

Thank you to Greg Jackson & Firas Zahabi for an amazing educational experience and to the sold out group of dedicated participants who took part in a remarkable training day and the charity lunch for Dufferin Child & Family Services hosted by Boston Pizza Orangeville.

Thank you to all who attended the Clay "The Carpenter" Guida SOLD OUT
MMA Seminar
Amazing Ground and Standup as well as Conditioning techniques learned!

Click here to see Clay interviewed for Kids Sport Magazine

Thank you to all who attended the Anthony "Showtime" Pettis MMA Seminar
Amazing "Off the Wall" techniques!

Firas Zihabi

Thank you to all the participants who shared an unbelievable weekend of MMA education with Firas Zahabi, Canada's top coach in the UFC

Click here to watch the UFC Central interview of Firas Zahabi filmed at FKCI National Training Development Center, Orangeville. Be sure to watch the end of the segment where UFC Central host Showdown Joe Ferraro gets "punked" by Firas!

Greg Jackson Training

Click here to watch UFC Central filmed at FKCI National Training Development Center featuring the Greg Jackson Training Camp coverage.

UFC Central - Greg Jackson 1 on 1 Part 1

UFC Central - Greg Jackson 1 on 1 Part 2

UFC CENTRAL: Greg Jackson on influence of coaching

UFC CENTRAL: Greg Jackson breaking down a fight

Thank you to all the participants who shared an unbelievable weekend of MMA education with Greg Jackson the UFC 2011 Coach of the Year

Roy Macdonald
Thanks to all who attended the Rory MacDonald seminar
Saturday January 21st, 2012

Johnathon Brooks

Thanks to everyone who attended and made it a great weekend event! The guest appearance by UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer working out with the class was a nice surprise!!!


Thanks to those who attended to make the day very informative and a fun learning experience
Click here to read coverage in the Orangeville Banner

Greg Jackson

Thanks to all those who attended and made the Greg Jackson on the mat seminar a SOLD OUT success

Click here to read coverage in the Orangeville Banner


Thank you to all who attnded making our
"MMA Fan Day in Orangeville" a huge succes.

Click here for Nate Marquardt's website coverage

Click here to read coverage in Orangeville Banner


Thank you to the delegates for making our FKCI at UFC Fan Expo Conference in Toronto April 29th & 30th a "SOLD OUT" Success

Click here for coverage in the Orangeville Banner

Click here for vidoe from MMA Alliance

Thanks to all who attended for a great day of training with
Jake Shields

Sean Sherk promo for Fitness Kickboxing Canada Certifications

Sean Sherk sponsored by Fitness Kickboxing Canada for UFC 119

Sean Sherk wearing the Fitness kickboxing Canada logo on his fight shorts in the octagon at UFC 119 in his match against Evan Dunham

Click here to read the cover feature story of the
September issue of Martial Arts Experts Magazine

Fitness Kickboxing Canada
Official Corporate Sponsor and Exclusive CEC Provider
Thank you to the delegates for making our Toronto June 12-13, 2010
Conference a "SOLD OUT" Success

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Ultimate Fighting is the newest phenomenon to sweep North America. As a coach of a competitive Boxing & Kickboxing club and personal trainer, I find that 95% of those who come through the door are MMA/Ultimate Fighting fans that recognize the benefits of training authentically to improve overall fitness, learn proper self defense and satisfy a passion, but aren’t interested in the full contact competitive side of the sport that occurs in the Octagon.

We insist that coaches and instructors should never push our participants to take part in sparring or competitions .Our philosophy is that “YOU” know when you want to compete, we are here to prepare you for the decision that only “YOU” can make.

Training for competitive MMA/Ultimate Fighting is not for the faint of heart or those with a casual interest in the sport. The athlete must adopt a lifestyle including physical training for strength and endurance in both muscular and cardiovascular, diligently work on developing superior technical skills in fighting techniques, adhere to a proper nutrition and hydration plan and mentally focus on the upcoming competition. For many that’s just too much to handle, for the ultimate warriors who step into the octagon…it a way of life.

We offer MMA conditioning in our Kickboxing classes and Instructor Training workshops.

Our MMA competitor workshops are designed for competitors and taught by professional MMA fighters.

Our new CEC accredited MMA-Ultimate Fighter Fitness/Conditioning workshop allows trainers to tap that market by incorporating authentic MMA-UF drills for cardio, strength, striking, kicking and ground work into a rigorous training program format to capture your MMA-Ultimate Fighting Fanatic client’s new found passion for training to the extreme without actually fighting!!!!!!

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