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Certified Competitive and Recreational Club

FitNet Commercial-Fitness Kickboxing Canada


Welcome to Fitness Kickboxing Canada Inc, Canada’s leading authority in standardizing Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA for Fitness. We specialize in helping participants reach their fitness goals through the sport of kickboxing. Kickboxing is a competitive full contact sport, but, most people are attracted to fitness kickboxing for it's fitness benefits, learn self-defense and experience authentic kickboxing training without sparring. The cardiovascular, toning, conditioning and motor skill enhancements gained make fitness kickboxing a tremendous option to sport - competitive kickboxing.

The program will promote self-confidence; teach basics in self-defense and help individuals strive to attain personal fitness goals.

A unique grade ranking recognition system is available for participants from Beginner to Advanced at all Fitness Kickboxing Canada-Franchises Program locations.

For those looking to advance to competitive sport kickboxing, we are a Certified Competitive Sport Kickboxing club with certified Coaches through the CASK and offer the Canadian Amateur Sport Kickboxing, C.A.S.K. Skills Development Program.

The Program

”The Original...Often Imitated…Never Duplicated”
If it doesn't say Fitness Kickboxing Canada...it's not!

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As Featured in Fitness Experts Magazine

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The class consists of a 45-60-minute workout with safety of the participants as the primary goal. Boxing gloves and wraps are recommended and foot and shin guards optional. No one will strike heavy bags without proper hand protection.

The class will start with a warm up cardio exercise of either air attack moves or a skipping workout. The Instructor will then demonstrate the proper techniques to be utilized during the session ahead. The participants/instructor will select partners with consideration for the opponents size (the partners will be of similar height, weight, fitness and skill level). This segment of the workout will be used to practice good kickboxing techniques. The session then moves into strike, kick and punch combinations structured in 2 minute rounds to simulate a competitive match. Round timers signify the start and end of each round with a 30 to 60 second rest and water break. During each round, one partner will be the striker and one the defender/ pad holder. Each combination will be predetermined so that both partners are aware of and prepared for the routine. A more vigorous workout is utilized for advanced classes and participants are able to work in partners on more complex combination or on free-standing heavy bags.

All classes will conclude with strength, abdominal and back exercises followed by stretching.


Participant Preparation Instructions

  • Footwear: clean indoor shoes, cross-trainers, kickboxing shoes, boxing shoes with light tread for foot rotation or bare feet.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing, Track pants, shorts, T shirt or tank top
  • Gloves and hand wraps (gloves provided for usage for trial class)
  • Plenty of Water
  • Towel

Note: Sparring is not permitted unless the club is a Certified Club Member of Canadian Amateur Sport Kickboxing (CASK)
Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing

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