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Like many people I had become mind numbingly bored with my workout routine and not only that I wasn't getting the results I wanted! I had been introduced to kickboxing by a friend a year earlier and decided it was time to make a change. I began personal training with Ross O'Donnell in October 2007 . Since then I have lost 26 lbs., a total of 12 inches and at 44 am in the best physical condition of my life! The best part of it all is I've had an absolute blast doing it! How many people do you know say they love working out? I'm addicted to kickboxing, a day without it is like a day without sunshine! Now not only do I continue with personal training but love attending classes including Joanne O'Donnell's boot camp! It is one of the best workouts I've ever done! I've never considered myself to be a particularly athletic person but with Ross and Joanne's encouraging approach to training I feel like I could be a real "Contender"!

Staci Bland

I would have never thought that kickboxing was going to be my kind of workout, but boy was I wrong. I grew up dancing (ballet) and playing tennis and was talked into going to kickboxing as something to do with my friend. Well, after two weeks of classes I was absolutely hooked! I was pleasantly surprised to find that each class was different, and a lot of fun – no monotony here. When I am not able to make it to a class I get really annoyed and that has never happened to me when I couldn’t make it to any aerobics class! Ross is an excellent resource of fitness information, a fantastic trainer and superb motivator. After nine months of training at Fitness Kickboxing Canada I am toned and have arm muscles that I have NEVER had before.

Meg Muir
Caledon, ON

I wrote a testimonial for this website about a year ago when I reported the immediate and very positive impact the FITNESS BOXING programme had on my health after only a few months of training.

Very often people start all sorts of fitness activities (mostly after their New Year's resolutions) but then give up after a short time period. I was no different; the only beneficiary has been the fitness equipment industry. Buy an expensive treadmill and sell it cheap after a period of not using it and acting as dust collector. Now, however, I have been participant in Ross O'Donnell's FITNESS BOXING training for over one and a half year. I must say it's great fun and I'm actually looking forward to each session. In contrast to the monotony of most other fitness activities, this is more, as you say in English, playing a sport. I'm currently at a level of "conditional sparring", which is by no means fighting and therefore harmless; this is not only exercise, but also fun sport, hand-eye co-ordination, test on reaction - just great.

I can highly recommend it!

Stefan Wiesen
Caledon, ON

Prior to my involvement with kickboxing I was doing my own exercise regimen with little to no success. Once I started with personal trainer and kickboxing instructor Ross O'Donnell I saw results very quickly. I lost weight, toned up and went down several dress sizes.

Karen Stoneman,
Erin, Ontario

I had to do something!! At 185lbs and 5' 7" I wouldn't say I was in shape. I wanted to find something I could do that I would enjoy so I would stick to it. I remembered that my mom had done kickboxing a few years ago and that I loved the way her arms looked that summer. I decided to look up kickboxing on the internet to see if I could find any classes that might be close to Erin and fit into my schedual. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to locate a class as close as Orangeville on my first hit. I called right away to find out more about when and where the classes took place.The morning classes worked great for mine, my husband and my kids schedual.

I started the class 2 days later! I have to admit the first class was tough. I tried to keep up with everyone else - big mistake, I was almost sick, but I knew it was something I could come to like. After 3 weeks I was completeing the classes and feeling GREAT! Ross was down to earth and understanding. He was helpful and patient when I needed him to be but always made sure I pushed myself just enough to feel good. Everyone else in the class were also patient and helpful and more than happy to have a new-comer to the class. Together it was actually fun. It started to be something I trived on. I love it, it makes me feel so good - I have more energy for my kids and my husband. Now, 4 months later I'm 20lbs lighter by the scale and I have muscles I can now see in my arms, abs and legs and I still love it. This is not something I plan to give up any time soon. It works, it feels great and it's also a good stress buster. I would recommened that anyone of all fitness levels try this out, you'll love it too!

Nicole Broughton
Erin, ON

At first it was all about losing some weight and taking off the inches. My goal was to enter into my 50s with a strong, fit body and piece of mind that I would be in the best physical and mental shape that I could be in.

Within weeks, I was so focused on doing my best to develop the skill and techniques for kickboxing that I no longer concentrated on wanting to lose the weight but concentrated on doing my personal best in the sport. I'm so hooked on the sport, I try to attend 3-4 sessions a week and I even purchased a heavy bag to practice on at home in between classes.

Just for the record - I've lost 24 pounds and 8 inches off my waist, hips and thighs, and have dropped 4 dress sizes, and I can work out with women half, or more, my age!

Thanks Ross for your inspiration, encouragement and instilling in me the motivation to do my best.

Brenda Shardlow
48 years old
Erin, Ontario

I have Cerebral Palsy since Birth, and have had many therapists through the recent years, but then I met Ross, and he has changed my world with his expertise of knowledge with the stability ball of which no one has ever brought to my attention, since meeting him just a year ago, he has shown me the many ways to improve my stability & given me hope for the future, proving that age has no limitations when we work as a team.

With my determination re-enforced with his many words of encouragement I have avoided the clutches of a wheel chair.

His dedication to my special needs (and with Cerebral Palsy) they are much different then a 'normal walking' person. It takes a lot of patience, on the part of a teacher to put up with someone like me.

Therefore his dedication, to me with our sessions has led to many improvements in my ability to maintain my independence & dealing with Physical Limitations that come with Cerebral Palsy.

Theresa Dubreuil
Orangeville, Ontario

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